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The Men of Manchester...

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 18 August 2014
The Justlife women’s group in Manchester is thriving and we have seen firm friendships established alongside the learning of new skills and venturing to new places. But what about the men of Manchester?In March we held a service user forum to discuss how Justlife could support people better and to find out what services users are looking for. Because of the success of the women's group, their was much support to start a programme of activities for men, enabling people to try new things, step outside their comfort zones and spend time together having fun.Thanks to the generosity of funders and host activities we have been able to take the group on some exciting adventures, including: paintballing, go-karting, golfing and bowling.The group is extremely popular and we have been encouraged by the positive comments from participants. This is just some feedback from paintballing:"It was amazing not to focus on my addiction but to feel free from it, even if it was just a short time having fun paint-balling. If only I could channel that way of thinking everyday ""What a great chance for guys to just be guys doing this.""Thank you so much what a laugh, but very painful" [the paintballing must have hurt!]Pic: The men's group ready to go Go Karting!