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The big move for Justlife Brighton

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 05 June 2014

This week Justlife has moved its operations in Brighton down the road, locating in an office with Brighton Homeless Healthcare, one of our partners on the Pathway+ project. As well as more space, for the expanding team and new project that will be starting in the next month, this location is ideal.

The new base is opposite the ‘One Church’, the place from which Justlife runs its drop-in services, and a few doors down from a number of Brighton’s temporary accommodation residences. Many of Justlife’s clients are registered with Brighton Homeless Healthcare; they know the people and place well and feel safe here. Sharing space with the medical practice enables us to collaborate more fully and will make it easier to engage with our clients.Staff and volunteers have worked hard over the last few days to prepare the office, painting, sorting and putting together furniture. Thank you to all who have pitched in.We hope that you are able to drop in for a visit.Our new contact details in Brighton are:
Justlife School Clinic Morley Street Brighton BN2 9DHT: 0800 123 1550 E: