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Roots to Growth..."I love it here!"

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 15 August 2014
Justlife Brighton service users have been helping out over the summer at Roots to Growth, a therapeutic market garden community. Each week we plant, tend, care, harvest, cook and enjoy the great outdoors. We also get to prepare our lunch for the volunteers, this week we had a delicious bean risotto and salad (see below). This week one of our service users said “It gets us out of the city, away from the problems” and another said “I love it here, and I’ve learnt to cook risotto which I’ve never done before"Roots to Growth are a new charity and have recently taken over the market garden and we are really grateful to partner with them. We asked the founder Zoe Colson-Spence about some of the activities they are running "We run therapeutic groups, community days and workshops offering opportunities to achieve therapeutic, educational and vocational goals. We also offer the opportunity for companies to spend to the day on site, team building and doing their bit towards social responsibility.” Roots to Growth certainly get a thumbs up from all at Justlife brighton.Fresh foodMaking risottoSaladbean risotto