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Planning for the future of Pathway+

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 23 May 2014

Justlife has been managing and delivering the Pathway+ project in Brighton & Hove since October 2013; discharging homeless people from hospital into temporary accommodation and providing support. Last week the Pathway+ team had a really successful review and planning day for the project; involving all partners including Pathway, St John Ambulance and Brighton Homeless Healthcare.

The project works with homeless patients who are discharged from hospital, providing advocacy, support and clinical advice, especially to those housed in temporary accommodation. During the first 7 months of Pathway Plus we have worked with over 100 clients.Simon Gale, Brighton Project Manager, said “It was really great to sit round a table with so many skilled and experienced individuals, working on all aspects of Pathway+ and share learning, experience and ideas. Although we are four separate organisations there was a real sense of collaboration, all working towards the same goal of supporting homeless people discharged from hospital.”The learning from this collaborative learning day will go on to shape how the project is implemented over the next 12 months.