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Peter's Journey out of Gransmoor Avenue

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 17 February 2014
JL Manc 21For 2 years, Peter was living with a friend who was taken into hospital. Their home was in his friend's name and because the friend was in hospital long-term Peter was forced to move and became homeless. He arrived at Gransmoor Avenue in July 2013. Over the next 6 months he became a regular attender at the Justlife centre, enjoying the company and meals at the drop in, keeping motivated and receiving support around housing needs.3 weeks ago Peter secured a tenancy with a social landlord and quickly moved in, thinking everything would be ok. After a week he contacted Justlife because he was struggling. He had no furniture, very little food and was sleeping on a hard floor. Justlife was able to source him furniture and provided him with a much needed move-in pack which included food, cooking equipment and bedding. He is now settling happily and knows that Justlife will be there when he needs.Peter wrote a letter to Justlife to thank us for our work:
"I am writing to thank Matt for his fantastic help with me recently moving into my new flat. Matt has obtained several items for me free of charge, such as a fridge freezer, a bed and bedding and a microwave... I also received a terrific amount of help from Justlife during the time I lived in Openshaw. They helped me make phone calls, progress getting a new flat, plus other necessary calls. They also helped me attend crucial meetings. It was good to be able to call in to the office for meals and refreshments and the Christmas organised by Justlife was excellent. Many thanks."