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Peter was at Crisis point when he came to Justlife

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 12 May 2014

Peter started coming to Justlife a couple of months ago. He was at crisis point. Peter only speaks basic English and this had got him into a mess when he moved house. He didn't understand he needed to go into the Jobcentre himself and change his address, which meant his benefits stopped with out him knowing. He was left pennliness.

He didn't feel as though anyone was helping him understand or explaining anything usefully until he came to Justlife. Christa, Justlife project worker, took the time to explain to him what was going on in Russian, a language which they both speak, and she was able to help him to put a rapid reclaim in for his benefits.However, it ended up being a couple months before this was processed. Whilst waiting, he was getting some of his meals and snacks at Justlife and was able to use the phone at the centre to chase up what needed to be done.Finally, last week he was told he would be paid and that his benefits would be backdated and his housing benefit would be started up again. He feels as though none of this would have happened without Justlife helping him and would have run the risk of ending up sleeping rough and not knowing where to turn.