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Part 5: Joseph is settling in well

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 31 January 2014
josephJoseph had been living in the Salvation Army for over 4 months when he was referred to Justlife at Home. In his late 40s, Joseph had had years of unsettled housing, bouncing between sofa surfing, having a tenancy, living with a partner, prison and rough sleeping. In addition, he had a long history of substance misuse. He was also suffering with depression and had various physical health problems to deal with. Life had not been simple, but he was keen to sort things out.When he was referred to Justlife at Home he was already in treatment for heroin addiction and had not used drugs or consumed alcohol for over a year. He had begun to address his depression and health issues and connecting well with health services. With brilliant progress made so far, he was eager to move away from his old and current lifestyle. He wanted his own place to continue the good progress that he was making and avoid relapse - and Justlife at Home was able to make this possible!Nigel, Justlife at Home Project Manager, was able to help Joseph find a more permanent home in the private rented sector, prepare him for tenancy, move him in and provide support.After an initial assessment, a suitable property was found. Nigel was able to liaise with the landlord and rehouse Joseph into his own 2 bed flat not far from his Mum and in a place where he has a good support network. He knows the area and is happy to be in safe, familiar surroundings. He had literally nothing when he moved into the property; this can be a time when people struggle with the transition. Justlife at Home sourced furniture from 2 different charities and provided a "Move In Pack" which included basics such as a kettle, bed linen and crockery. In addition, we secured a bed, microwave and fridge through Manchester's Welfare Provision Scheme.Fully set up and ready to live life, Joseph is extremely happy. As the flat is 2 bedroom he can see his children more frequently and have them to stay. He has recently embarked on a new relationship and is feeling positive. He has been there 4 months now and has settled well for the first time in many years. He is managing his bills and daily living with our support and is on track for independent living.#juststories*Name changed to protect identity. Photo Justlife stock image.