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Part 3: Building bridges with Ben

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 29 January 2014
SONY DSCBen had been attending justlife for a couple of months, but staying on the fringes. He had not been getting involved in any great depth, keeping himself to himself, not chatting to members of staff or even other service users. He begrudgingly met with Matt, the lead project worker, for a brief chat, which turned into a needs assessment and he opened up to the reasons he was so untrusting and reserved.Matt explained how Justlife could support him and encouraged him to keep coming up to the centre to maintain contact; even if it was just for a brew. At that time he was sleeping under a bridge due to a relationship breakdown and had recently turned to drugs. Within a month Matt managed to get him into supported accommodation, and arranged an initial assessment with the intake team at the Drugs Service. Able to see that he had very little, we hired a van and sourced him a few bits and bobs, as well as collecting clothes from where he had recently stored them. We moved Ben into his new accommodation last Thursday.He has been there just under a week and settling extremely well. He is now looking forward and excited about the changes ahead. He has also begun to show much more engagement in and around the Justlife centre with other service users and the staff.#juststories*Name changed to protect identity. Photo Justlife stock image.