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More than just the sun is shining on Justlife garden; thanks to Adactus

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 04 August 2014
The sun is shining on the Justlife garden and Justlife has received a £920 from the Adactus Neighbourhood Fund towards project Bella; developing the Justlife grounds and allotments in east Manchester.The funding will be focused in several areas:Healthy living and Training: Justlife previously secured funding to pay for gardening workshops, developing skills and wellbeing of clients. Adactus have donated the money that we need to purchase a lawnmower, a key piece of equipment, which enables service users to work the garden and keep it looking beautiful.Improvements: Adactus has donated the funds to install a new planter and attach flower troughs to bring much needed life to the urban environment. The garden is already looking great – but soon it will be even more of an oasis.Community Engagement: We plan to run a hanging basket project with the residents of Toxteth Street, inviting local residents to create edible hanging baskets for their homes. The project also includes a 'Paint-and-plant-a-pot' workshop with Justlife service users. This has been enabled through the Adactus Neighbourhood Fund.This is the second grant we have had from the Adactus Neighbourhood Fund for the Justlife garden. We are excited that we will be able to further empower the service users and wider community to get involved in horticulture!