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More than books

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 20 June 2014

When I heard that we were going on a trip to the library I thought that it would be really boring.

A few weeks ago a group of us visited the new library in central Manchester. We had a guided tour by one of the workers and saw that it was not just books, books, books. There is an area with lots of musical instruments to learn and play, there is a coffee shop area and it was really welcoming. There were lots of computers to use, cds and dvds and even the latest play station. There were books as well, but these were in really cool electronic shelves that moved at the press of a button.

The next week I decided to go back and join the library. Because I had been on the Justlife computer course my IT skills are good, so the man at the library showed me to a computer and I was able to sign up on my own. They made me a card and now I can go any time I want. I have been three times and I take CDs and DVDs out. There is also a computer, which reads books out to you. I am planning to use that on my next visit.

I never liked the library when I was younger. Now I love it!