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Justlife at Home reaches the big 50!

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 14 July 2014
Last week, Justlife at Home housed it's 50th person into a private rented sector (PRS) tenancy. The project is now in it's third year and has been acclaimed by Manchester City Council as a model for good practice.We know that at least 12 people have sustained their tenancies beyond 12 months and 11 beyond 6 months. Others are working towards 6 months and are enjoying their homes.Justlife at Home is a project to support single homeless non-priority need people access and sustain secure tenancies in the PRS. Nigel Fyles, project manager, works with tenants to ready them for tenancy, find suitable homes, support the client through the transition, liaise with the landlord and provide a further six-months support to both tenant and landlord.Projects like this are becoming increasingly pertinent due to the national housing shortage. There is an increasing reliance on the PRS but it is vital that this is managed well and tenants are able to live in safe and suitable accommodation. Justlife at Home enables this to happen and will continue to do so.Justlife at Home helps people like Tim...Tim was living in temporary B&B accommodation for 10 months. The temporary accommodation was filthy, poorly maintained and there was a lot of trouble. Keen to sort his life out, he started attending the Justlife centre. Assessed as suitable for Justlife at Home, found a home for Tim - making like with a new landlord, liaised with the landlord, moved him in and sourced furniture and a move-in pack, to make the transition smoother. Tim is loving his new home and his life is improving - dramatically. He can now have his kids to stay and is rebuilding relationships; he is successfully addressing his issues with alcohol and he has started volunteering to build skills and give back to the community.