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IT for Jobs update

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 03 September 2014
Nearly 6 months ago Justlife introduced the IT for Jobs course at the Manchester Centre. The course has become a key part of the centre's weekly programme. 14 people have participated in the course so far and begun to develop IT skills... which are changing their lives!IT for Jobs meets a critical need for people with low IT literacy skills who are looking for work. The beginners course introduces the computer and teaches the basics of navigating a computer, Microsoft word, the internet, email and using job websites. Sarah Todd, the IT for Jobs tutor, has been excited to see participants grow in skills and confidence. Learners have also shown a lot of enthusiasm and have worked well alongside each other to overcome problems - with a real sense of camaraderie.Sarah said: "So often we take for granted the ability to use a computer. For the learners on this course a whole new world is being opened up."Despite the success, there are of course significant challenges to overcome. Everyone comes to the course with different experience and abilities and want to work at different rates. Levels of basic literacy vary dramatically and several participants have English as a second or even seventh language!This is how the IT for Jobs course has helped Dave:Dave was referred to the Justlife Jobclub by his Jobcentre Adviser. He had been out of work for over 20 years, had extremely low confidence and was completely IT illiterate. He started coming to the Jobclub in April and the weekly supported sessions were helping him to think positively about work and think about applying for jobs that he would like to do. Once his confidence was raised he was referred onto the IT for Jobs course. Dave worked hard and completed the course successfully, enjoying the sessions and growing in skills. He is now a confident computer user and as well as regularly attending the weekly Jobclub he uses the daily Justlife internet café to search for work. Dave is much closer to work and Justlife will continue to support him to find appropriate and sustainable employment.(Pic: The IT for Jobs certificate ceremony)