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Growing in confidence

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 17 November 2014
Tom started coming to Justlife about 18 months ago. He had moved into one of the local B&Bs as he lost his tenancy due to a bereavement. He was identified as suitable for the Justlife at Home project and Nigel (Justlife at Home Project Manager), successfully moved him into his own flat. All seemed to be going well, but at the beginning of the year Tom was really struggling. His benefits had been sanctioned due to a miscommunication with the Jobcentre and he had no money for food or heating. A project worker helped him sort out his benefits and encouraged him to look for work at the Jobclub. Tom had not worked for over 20 years and had extremely low self-esteem. Tom built confidence in the Jobclub, despite struggling with literacy and IT. Keen to improve, Tom was one of the first participants in Justlife's IT for Jobs course which launched in March. He loved the course and enjoyed learning new skills. Earlier this year Tomstarting volunteering at Justlife, cleaning the centre and helping to look after the garden and in October at the Justlife AGM, Tom was awarded a volunteering award, recognising all he contributes to keeping the Justlife centre running everyday. In October, Tom got two job interviews and despite not getting the jobs, this was another boost to his confidence. He has now progressed to the intermediate IT course. Through his participation in the IT course, Jobclub, regular volunteering and participation in wider Justlife activities, Tom has grown in confidence and eagerness to learn. We would like to thank Tom for all he contributes to Justlife.