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From placement student to volunteer... Liz is still with Justlife Manchester

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 20 October 2014
Liz has joined Justlife in June 2014 for her placement for an MA Social Work at University of Chester. Her placement finished in September, but she is still with us as a volunteer. This is what Liz had to say about Justlife and why she is still part of the team:“I have really enjoyed my time at Justlife. Throughout my placement I felt really well supported and encouraged by the staff team at the centre. I don’t feel like a student but integrated into the team – which is actually feels more like a family. All the staff and volunteers really care about each other and work well together. The way that the staff work with clients is great and has been modeled really well to me by everyone. Justlife builds up excellent relationships with extremely vulnerable people and treats them with respect and dignity.I was talking to a few service users yesterday and one guy said: “I didn’t think you’d last 5 minutes when you first started, but you have, and we are all glad you are still here.” That was really encouraging to hear.My placement ended in the middle of September, but after this I started volunteering 3 days a week. I was delighted to pass the placement, but I didn’t feel ready to leave. I am working with a few people and wanted to help them to complete actions and reach the next stage in their journey. One client has just gone into detox and she is incredibly grateful that I am still here to provide some continuity in her care. I am also learning so much all the time.6 months ago I would have said that I wanted to be a mental health social worker, but my experience at Justlife has definitely changed my mind. I am now really interested in working with clients with complex needs including homelessness and addiction.I will be with Justlife until the New Year and am really looking forward to celebrating Christmas with everyone.”Pic: Liz and some produce from the Justlife garden.