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Danny’s story

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 09 June 2014

Danny had been living in a B&B across the road from the Justlife centre in Manchester for over a year before he came in to see if we could help him. He was existing in a tiny box room, living in very poor conditions and he was desperate to get out. He wanted to get onto the ‘Manchester Move’ website to bid for social housing, but did not know where to start.

During his registration and first outcome star, Christa; Justlife Project Worker, identified that he was a skilled and experienced plasterer with good qualifications. He had worked for many years with a friend all over the country, before this partnership broke down. He ended up losing his trade tools and becoming homeless. As well as wanting to be rehoused, Danny was really keen to start work again, and he was ready.

Justlife has been working with BAM (a construction company building a large development in east Manchester) for over a year, to support our work and move local unemployed people into employment. Soon after we BAM offered a suitable job to one of our service users. We sent three candidates for the interview and Dany got the job! He was delighted and was asked to start the next week. But, he needed tools.

Justlife was keen to see Danny succeed and move on, so we took a risk and purchased the necessary tools that he needed. He was extremely grateful. As his home is not very safe and secure we negotiated with BAM that he could have a locker at work to keep his tools on site. Danny started work.

Danny was early for work on his first day and has been early every day since. The site manager has commented on how hard working Danny is and said that they are really impressed with his work. We are delighted that he is doing so well.

Justlife continues to work with Danny to move him into more suitable accommodation.