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Benjamin’s story at Justlife Manchester

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 19 May 2014

Before I got in touch with Matt at Justlife I was under a lot of emotional stress. I had recently split up with my partner and I had to move out of my family home. I was spending alternate nights on two of my friends sofas and on two occasions I just had to walk the streets at night.

Justlife was recommended to me by the Jobcentre. My first meeting with Matt was massively reassuring. Although, nothing was confirmed I was made to feel like I mattered and, true to his word, he did everything that he could to help me. Aside from that, we had some very uplifting conversations where I learned that parts of his story are very similar to mine and I felt like he really understood where I was coming from. He also gave me some very valuable advice on how to mentally move forward from my personal problems.

He explored every avenue in terms of housing and located a property with a sound and approachable landlady. Justlife also helped me with groceries and other essentials, which I never would have managed to afford. On top of that, Matt assured me that Justlife will continue to help me moving forward. Now I am settled in my new home and looking forward, not backwards. If it wasn’t for Matt and Justlife I would have had to say goodbye to my four children and go back to London. I am very grateful and will never for get Justlife.