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Upstairs Downstairs

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 24 July 2013
jlah1Tom and George both lived at a local B&B when they first walked in the door at Justlife, under 12 months ago. Tom broke up with his partner, lost his job and homeless, found himself in an Openshaw B&B. After losing his mother, who George cared for, he had to leave his home and ended up sofa surfing before arriving at the same B&B.Both began by engaging with the drop in meals and slowly built confidence to come everyday. During conversations with staff at the centre, they both identified housing as a major need and were referred to Justlife at Home.The pair had built a friendship through living in the same B&B and coming daily for support at Justlife. Nigel Fyles worked with them independently to look for homes and within a few weeks he was able to house them next to each other in 2 flats, close to the Justlife centre. Working with Mustard Tree and other furniture recycling stores Nigel sourced furnishings for their homes and they both received 'move in' packs, containing sheets, towels and pans.Social Isolation can be incredibly mentally debilitating, so by housing friends close to each other in an area that they have settled, Justlife at Home has been able to help them maintain and build their friendship and increased their engagement with Justlife's services and activities.In the past 3 months George has been addressing his literacy issues and has regularly been attending Jobclub and other workshops, increasing in confidence and happiness everyday. Tom comes to every workshop and is keen to help in the Justlife garden when he is at the centre.Tom and George are the 22nd and 23rd people to be housed through the Justlife at Home scheme, helping homeless people in Manchester into Private Rented Sector homes.(Names have been changed for confidentiality).