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The truth about my experience with Justlife

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 18 December 2013
legsmattBen* had been coming to Justlife for many months before he decided to ask us for help. This is what happened when he did..."I looked for help with the charity Justlife and with Matt. I booked an appointment with him and during that appointment I had the opportunity to explain my situation. During that conversation i was pleasantly surprised to find out that they knew the headlines about me, my flat on Ashton Old Road and how I lost it due to drugs and bad company etc. Then I moved to Syl's guesthouse and that's when my problems started. Bullying, terrible conditions to live in due to harassment. Also, my disability wasn't put in context as the hostel had no conditions for people with my condition.Promptly, Matt said that I was in need of benefits, I was on an assessment and Matt became my representative when my case went to court. I was also in need of housing, I needed to leave the place that I was living, it was terrible, but i was at risk of being on the streets homeless, so I was referred by Matt to Nacro 9supported housing) where I remain until now. Drug addiction was also a problem. Matt provided counselling and voluntary activities. The time spent at Justlife was profitable to me as they kept me away from a bad life and I broke away from drug dealers and other criminals. Finally job finding. I was invited to come and participate on Jobclub on Mondays. Thanks to Jobclub I found a work placement at Marks & Spencer, this will start in January.This testimony is the truth about my experience with Justlife. I am very pleased with the help they have given to me. I want to thank all the staff and Matt for all the help that they have provided."*Name changed to protect identity.