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The launch of RISE Manchester

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 15 February 2013
Yesterday saw the public launch event for RISE Manchester, the new adult drug treatment service for Manchester. Justlife attended the event and hosted a stall, alongside around 30 other organisations and services from across the city. As well as an excellent networking opportunity, the event put on seminars and discussions around various drug related issues.Justlife took staff, volunteers and service users to the all-day event and was a great opportunity for everyone to make new connections. We are excited about the connections that we have made and the new opportunities that this will have for our clients.The event was punctuated by a few key moments including an excellent performance by the Streetwise Opera company and the finale, a candlelight vigil held at the end of the day, in remembrance of those who have died for drugs and related issues.Here is more information about RISE Manchester:RISE Manchester is an adult drug treatment service for Manchester, delivered by three charities working together to provide comprehensive, recovery-focused treatment for any Manchester resident with substance misuse problems. The new system recognizes everyone's potential for recovery from drug misuse and improves the quality of life for individuals, families and communities in the city.An Intake Service, provided by ADS, offers an easily accessible engagement and assessment service for adults enabling them to access appropriate recovery-focused treatment and support. ADS also welcome individuals who are concerned about a relative or friend's drug use. For more information about the services on offer visit Clinical Service, managed by CRI, provides an integrated treatment service for adults enabling them to stabilise and reduce their drug use. For more information about the services on offer visit Recovery Service, managed by Lifeline, offers interventions to enable adults to become drug free or recover from their addiction to drugs. This includes promoting and supporting reintegration including housing and employment advice and support. For more information about the services on offer visit