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Stepping back into the Victorian era

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 24 June 2013
photo-1Last week Justlife's Weekly Women's Group visited the local historic site of Clayton Hall.Only a mile away from the Justlife Centre, located close to Manchester City Football Ground the 12th century hall is hidden away behind overgrown trees and separated by a large moat; which is due to be filled soon! When we stumbled upon it we all agreed that it was a treasure in the midst of urban estates and industrial buildings.A team of three volunteers showed the group around the hall, which has been carefully restored the Victorian era. The experience was very hands on and everyone was able to touch all exhibits and have a go on a mincer, mangle, pastry slab and old kitchen utensils, as well as play the piano, rifle through jewellery and toys and even play some victorian games and use a typewriter.Everyone enjoyed looking at photographs of the area throughout the years and reminiscing or imagining how life was in the past. We are pleased that several of the women intend to visit again with friends or family.Visiting the Hall was a great opportunity to see community in action. The hall is run and maintained by volunteers and whilst we were there a school group had come to do some gardening and outdoor maintenance.