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Something old, something new

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 15 November 2013
SONY DSCJustlife at Home has now housed 35 formerly homeless people into their own private sector tenancies. That is 35 lives changed.
Most recently, Bill* ended up in a B&B on Gransmoor Avenue after a 10 year relationship with his partner broke down. After meeting some immediate health needs and working with him for a few weeks, Matt (Lead Project Worker) identified him as a suitable candidate for Justlife at Home. After just a month of working with him to prepare him for tenancy, Bill moved into his own home at the end of October. This is where the 'Something Old' comes in... The property is owned by a landlord with whom we have worked before. In fact, we had housed someone in that property 16 months before, and that person had since moved in with his partner and the property was vacant again. Brilliant news for Bill!And now for 'Something New'... In August, Cornerstones, a day centre in South Manchester, referred Philip* to Justlife at Home. Philip had been in a B&B in Whalley Range for nearly a year and was keen to move on as soon as possible. He was keen to live in South Manchester, close to family and friends. South of the city is notoriously hard to find housing in and to this date we have struggled with this. By recruiting a new letting agent to the scheme and taking time to build relationships in this area Nigel was able to find a suitable property and move Philip in. This new home is an end to the depressing homelessness that he faced in his B&B. Relationship with this new letting agent has opened a gateway to this new part of the city.(*Names have been changed to protect identities).