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Sabina's Story

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 20 June 2013
Sabina* found out about Justlife by walking past everyday. She had recently arrived in the UK and had no connections in the area. Her English was limited and she was struggling with a number of issues. This is how she says we have helped her:"The name of Justlife says it the way it is… everyone is helpful to all areas of my life. That is Justlife! I don't know what I have done without the helpful staff and volunteers at Justlife. Life is not easy but they make it a bit easier.Alex has really helped me look for jobs, sort out my CV and teach me to use Universal Jobmatch. They really care about me and invite me to workshops and they have helped me enjoy time and make friends at the women’s group. I know that I can always go there for advice on anything. My English is not very good so they have helped me fill in some forms and understand letters from the benefits office. I have now got a house and moved away from Openshaw, but I still come to Justlife a few times a week because they are the most welcoming and friendly and helpful organisation. Justlife is the most helpful place in England, I have never seen a place like this… every problem that I have had I have come here to Justlife and they have helped me solve it. They help anyone and don't discriminate on any grounds. Everyone is welcome and gets important help.I hope that I will soon have a job, so will not need to some back. But that will make me sad. I will still come to stay hello."*Name changed for confidentiality.