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Reason 5: A bright future for Justlife

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 November 2013
Justlife is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year… and on Saturday we brought together supporters, staff, volunteers and directors of Justlife to celebrate.This week we are sharing 5 reasons to celebrate 5 years of Justlife. Today…

A bright future for Justlife

agm5At Saturday's 5 year celebration Justlife shared past successes and some of the journey, stories and learning since 2008. The occasion was also an opportunity to share plans for the future and what we are excited about in the coming year.Gary Bishop, CEO of Justlife said:"Each year at our AGM I have tried to set out some pretty big challenges for us as an organisation and it is staggering to see that year on year we have seen most of those dreams accomplished through the commitment, skill and full-blooded determination of our staff, volunteers and directors. Some have taken a little longer to realise than we hoped , for example we first started talking about doing a research project back in 2008 and only now in 2013 is it actually launching; we got there in the end.""The next 12 months look very promising indeed, we have excellent work going on in both Manchester and Brighton with incredible people driving those projects along and making a massive impact in the lives of people who are in need. Much of the work of Justlife has secured funding for the next year, but we still have some challenges ahead... We need to secure the future of our private rented sector access scheme which is only funded until March 2014 and all of our work in Brighton has a similarly short term future, we are working day and night to try to secure funding for both of those important pieces of work.""On the horizon we hope this year to open our first accommodation based service in Manchester, as well as starting some new pilots in new places with new partners. The number of people in the UK entering temporary accommodation is rising but at very least we know that when someone arrives in Gransmoor Avenue and the surrounding area they have somewhere to turn for help, we dream of similar, comprehensive services in Brighton and every town and city across the country and I think we can help to make that a reality."