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Reason 4: A dedicated and determined staff team

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 31 October 2013
Justlife is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year… and on Saturday we brought together supporters, staff, volunteers and directors of Justlife to celebrate.This week we are documenting 5 reasons to celebrate Justlife. Today...

A dedicated and determined staff team

agm8Working for Justlife is an incredible privilege (I can say that because as I work there), one of the reasons is that the staff team is dedicated and brilliant to work alongside.The team in Manchester, led brilliantly by Ruth, runs a busy centre helping a community of complex and vulnerable people. Matt, lead project worker and Christa, project work assistant, work hard to journey with and develop individuals. Nigel, housing project manager, works tirelessly to help people from homelessness into their own tenancies and support them to maintain these. I (Alex) am working on an exciting new project - Just Thinking, researching and telling true stories from life in temporary accommodation.On the ground in Brighton, Simon G plays a key role in managing the project and developing Justlife and the drop-in. Bukky cooks warming food every week for the Justlife drop-in. New staff, Tom, Fran and Simon T have got off to a flying start with the hospital discharge project and have begun to support some extremeley vulnerable people as they move from hospital and in their first months in temporary accommodation. Gretta, Chief Operations Officer, has been instrumental in developing new systems, processes and structures which are allowing us to grow well and at a pace. Gary's role at Cheif Exec is crucial in continually casting a vision, and ensuring Justlife is in the right place at the right time.On Saturday, many of the staff gathered at the Justlife AGM to share experiences from the past year as well as discuss the future.Ruth Cox, Centre Manager for Justlife Manchester said: "When Justlife staff were asked to bring an object to the AGM which represented something that they could celebrate about the year, they brought an umbrella, a sleeping bag, a mini red pepper, a light bulb, a payslip, a watch, a plant and a photo! – each of these items, though seemingly random and un-related, represented positive stories of partnerships with local business, sustained tenancies, a flourishing garden, new ideas, growth as an organisation, waiting patiently, growth and learning and the blessing of wonderful volunteers. There has been a lot to give thanks for this year and it definitely makes all the hard work, worthwhile."We are extremely grateful to have such a committed staff team, all of whom go the extra mile to help one another and support vulnerable adults with complex and critical needs.(PIc: Objects bought by the Justlife staff team to Saturday's AGM and 5 year celebration).