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Reason 3: Talented and tireless volunteers

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 30 October 2013
Justlife is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year… and on Saturday we brought together supporters, staff, volunteers and directors of Justlife to celebrate.This week we are sharing 5 reasons to celebrate 5 years of Justlife. Today…

Tireless and talented volunteers

agm2Justlife has been blessed over the past 5 years with 99 volunteers donating 13,000 hours of time.People volunteer in all sections of Justlife: running workshops, helping at the drop-ins in Manchester and Brighton, serving by washing up and cleaning, gardening or decorating. All Justlife directors give time voluntarily and expertise in finance, medical, housing and community sectors. We have volunteers doing admin, organisaing events, working with our service users to improve their lives and assisting the project workers and on projects.Volunteers are central to us being able to operate and impact so many lives in Brighton and Manchester.On Saturday we had the great honour of awarding three volunteers awards for their service to Justlife: Ian, Hannah and John. Ian Ogden has risen to the challenge of being the main centre and garden volunteer in Manchester, making sure the building and grounds are in order and assisting at the daily drop-in. Hannah Radcliffe was presented with an award for her warm welcome, which she shares with everyone in the drop-in and when assisting in workshops. John Clarke has been a volunteer who we have seen go the extra mile for Justlife, leading workshops, helping at the drop-in and really work hard to use his skills to benefit Justlife.Matt Lloyd, Lead Project Worker at Justlife said: "It is extremely difficult to find people who are willing to give up their time, but even more difficult to find people who are prepared to be faithful, committed and eager to learn, whilst not being paid. That is why we are very fortunate to have such a great team of volunteers all who bring their own set of skills to helping Justlife run effectively throughout the week. They are all a privilege to manage as they not only work well individually but work with and look out for each other."We are extremely grateful for every hour of time given by our volunteers over the years and hope that they have gained from their experience with us.If you are interested in volunteering for Justlife in Manchester or Brighton then please get in touch.(Pic: Hannah and Ian, receiving 2013 Justlife volunteer awards)