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Reason 2: Steadfast Supporters

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 29 October 2013
Justlife is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year… and on Saturday we brought together supporters, staff, volunteers and directors of Justlife to celebrate.Yesterday, the first of our 5 reasons to celebrate was our brilliant Board of Directors. Today, the the second reason to celebrate is...

Steadfast Supporters

agm 1On Saturday evening Justlife invited, funders, regular givers, supporters, volunteers, friends and family of Justlife to gather to celebrate the 5th anniversary. We shared food together, watched a new Justlife film, made by a volunteer supporter in Brighton, and discussed past achievements and future hopes for Justlife.We are extremely grateful to all our supporters, who give their time, money and expertise in all sorts of ways.Margaret Yuill has faithfully sold 158 hand knitted 'Marty Bears' and 151 skilfully painted 'Front Door' pictures for Justlife since we started. 19 marathons have been run, raising £22,000 in sponsorship and many make generous monthly donations to the work of Justlife. In the past year we have raised over £8,000 through regular giving and one off donations. Volunteers dedicate their time and so many in churches and the communities across the UK support with prayer, encouragement and contacts.Without such a strong support base the work of Justlife would not be able to flourish and thrive as it does. Thank you.Gretta Starks, Chief Operating Officer for Justlife said: "Finding ways to fund the work we do is made easier by having such exciting and successful projects, but it can still be a challenge: The amazing turnout for our supporters evening this weekend marked the end of a fantastic year of fundraising. Although there are still areas of work unfunded for 2014 we’ve secured as much funding this year as we had in the previous four combined, providing long term security for key areas of work."If you are interested in supporting us further then please CLICK HERE. You can find out how to become a regular donor, purchase a Marty Bear or Own Front Door picture, run a marathon for Justlife or make a one off donation.