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Number 26: Success for Justlife at Home

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 05 September 2013
carJustlife at Home has helped the 26th person into their own private tenancy.
A couple of years ago Pete was evicted from his home as the landlord was selling the property and he was unable to stay. He was unable to find another tenancy and spent 2 years dodging between sleeping in his car and sofa surfing with friends. During this time he was unable to see his children properly and they were obviously unable to stay with him due to his housing situation.
When Pete, 41 years old, was referred to Justlife his health had deteriorated significantly, due to homelessness.
Justlife at Home worked with Pete to prepare him for his own tenancy again and look for a home. We successfully rehoused him ina flat in the Crumpsall area of Manchester, very close to his family and friends. He has sustained the tenancy for over a month now and we are delighted that he has re-engaged with his children and they are now able to visit him. He is also has rekindled his relationship with his ex-partner and is starting up a business with a friend.
The stability of a home has brought stability to many areas of Pete's life. He is much happier and has increased in confidence dramatically.