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New research project... Justlife and IPPR

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 21 October 2013
Manchester homeless lunch 3 LRThis month Justlife has launched a research project, working with IPPR North (Institute of Public Policy and Research) exploring the impact of living in temporary accommodation, on the health and wellbeing of individuals, often whom are experiencing multiple disadvantage.Frontline research has always been at the heart of how Justlife assesses need and develops services to help people with multiple and critical needs. We hope that this research will give a voice to lives unheard and ultimately change the life chances and wellbeing for the better for those living temporary accommodation.Based in both Manchester and Brighton, the project will work with temporary accommodation residents to document their lives and experiences through journaling, focus groups and interviews. Collected over a three-year period, this first-hand evidence will bring to life the truth and facts of living in temporary accommodation.The project will also assess the impact of Justlife’s work and services on the life chances of vulnerable individuals and be underpinned by ongoing contextual research about the neighbourhoods, cities of Manchester and Brighton and the UK.The research is funded by LankellyChase over a period of three years. The project lead is Alex Rose, who has been working with Justlife for over two years.At present Alex is working closely with IPPR to lay the foundations of the project and spending time in both Brighton and Manchester talking to and working alongside staff, volunteers and residents of temporary accommodation, preparing for research that will start imminently.We are currently looking for a name for the project so please get in touch if you have any great ideas.(Pic: Gransmoor Avenue, Manchester)