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Ken is moving towards work again

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 July 2013
BIG-JustLifeKen* was referred to the Justlife Jobclub 12 months ago by Jobcentre Plus. He had been out of work for a long period of time and feeling pretty low. We helped him put together his CV and looked at the type of work that he wanted to do. He came back once again for help to apply for cleaning jobs, he left very grateful for our support and we expected to see him again the next week, but he didn't.Ken returned three months later, in September. He had just finished a three month job that we had helped him apply for! We were delighted that he was successful and had completed the contract. The same happened again as Ken secured a cleaning contract shortly after returning to Jobclub. In March of this year Ken returned to the Justlife Jobclub looking for work again. He was deflated as he had to finish the previous job due to ill health.For the past 3 months Ken has regularly been attending jobclub and one2one appointments. Through teaching and practice Ken has developed really good jobsearch skills and has become quite a whizz on the computers, often helping others. Ken's confidence has massively increased and despite not getting a job quickly he has some really good prospects and has had interviews for permanent jobs with full-time (or nearly full-time hours). We have also helped Ken deal with benefits issues and housing problems that he has had.Ken said: "You definitely have helped me, I know I can always come to Justlife and you will be able to do something to make the situation change."*Name changed for confidentiality.