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Justlife: Pioneering a new project in Brighton

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 10 September 2013
Justlife Foundation have an opportunity for two outstanding candidates to pioneer a new service in Brighton and Hove.Working in partnership with The Pathway, St. John Ambulance and Brighton Homeless Healthcare this new Justlife team will provide support to patients who live in temporary accommodation when they are discharged from hospital to ensure that their health recovery is susthained and that they receive relevant assistance with their broader needs, linking in with the wide range of services which are available in the city. This government funded initiative is a six month pilot during which we hope to evidence the social and economic impact of the project and learn more about the long term benefits which will be generated through the work.The work will involve liaising with the Pathway team and other stakeholders and taking on a caseload of homeless patients at the point of discharge from hospital. Once referrals from Pathway are received, appropriate care plans will be established and this team will provide non-clinical floating support to individuals who live in temporary accommodation. Staff will also be involved in the wider work of Justlife in Brighton and Hove providing support to people who live in temporary accommodation.We are looking for a project leader with experience of working in a relevant health or social care setting, preferably with related qualifications and a project worker who has some experience of working in a related field in a voluntary or paid capacity.Applicants will need to attend a presentation about the project in Brighton on 18th September between 5:30-7:30 pm.To apply click here.