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Justlife Brighton: Life-changing

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 05 December 2013
paulBill* came to the PathwaysPlus/Justlife project after a number of suicide attempts, some of which resulted in hospitalisation. Bill is alcohol dependent and is desperate to stop his drinking, detox, rehab and start to rebuild his life. His engagement with Justlife has been, in John’s own words ‘Inspirational and encouraging’. Justlife workers have worked with Bill to move him towards recovery and he is now attending recovery groups and reducing his drinking from a bottle of vodka a day to just two cans of lager. Bill used to be a screen-printer, ‘a job which I absolutely loved’. He is keen to get back to this work, and recognises that life is there to be lived, and not just endured. Since engaging with Justlife, John has had no hospital admissions and has suffered from no suicidal ideation whatsoever. Bill was asked how his experience of Justlife had helped him. He replied, ‘One word. Life-changing.’*Name changes to protect confidentiality. Photo featured is a Justlife stock photo.