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Justlife Brighton Lands Government Health Contract

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 30 September 2013
Brighton4Justlife is the lead partner on one of four Sussex-based schemes, which has successfully bid for Government funds to carry out projects ensuring homeless people get more support when they leave hospital.Justlife Foundation is receiving £118,724 to identify homeless patients in Brighton & Hove and create systems for tracking and supporting them. The project is due to start imminently.Working in partnership with The Pathway, St. John Ambulance and Brighton Homeless Healthcare this new Justlife team will provide support to patients who live in temporary accommodation when they are discharged from hospital to ensure that their health recovery is sustained and that they receive relevant assistance with their broader needs, linking in with the wide range of services which are available in the city. This government funded initiative is a six month pilot during which Justlife hopes to evidence the social and economic impact of the project and learn more about the long term benefits which will be generated through the work.The work will involve liaising with the Pathway team and other stakeholders and taking on a caseload of homeless patients at the point of discharge from hospital. Once referrals from Pathway are received, appropriate care plans will be established and this team will provide non-clinical floating support to individuals who live in temporary accommodation. Staff will also be involved in the wider work of Justlife in Brighton and Hove providing support to people who live in temporary accommodation.Gary Bishop, Justlife Founder and Director, said: “Approximately 200 homeless people are admitted to hospital in Brighton and Hove each year, at the point of discharge they are often only in the early stages of their recuperation and many require additional support to ensure that their recovery is sustained so that they do not need to return to A&E or the hospital. We are delighted to be partnering with the Pathway, St. John Ambulance and Brighton Homeless Healthcare, building on their excellent existing work in the City and we hope that this collaborative project will make a real difference for individuals”Homeless people are up to six times more likely to attend hospital accident and emergency departments than those with a home. Around 70% of homeless patients are discharged back onto the street without their housing or on-going care needs after hospital being properly addressed.For further information about Justlife please visit the website: