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Justlife at Home Secures Continuation Funding

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 03 January 2013
Justlife at Home has secured £45,000 funding to continue the project for a further 12 months from April 2013. £30,000 will be given by Crisis and a further £15,000 support from Manchester City Council.Justlife at Home was started in April 2012, having been successful in the original bid to Crisis. The PRS (private rented sector) scheme manager, Nigel Fyles, is well on the way to hitting the target of helping 30 single, non-statutory homeless people to overcome financial barriers to renting, match them with landlords, and provide support to all parties. Eight months into the project we can report 18 new tenancies in PRS homes across Manchester.The success of the initial 8 months has triggered Crisis to provide the continuation funding required and has initiated financial support from Manchester City Council for the second year of the project.Intended clients fall outside priority need legislation, are at risk of homelessness or recently became homeless. Many have an unsettled housing history, moving between B&B, prison and homelessness. Accessing PRS accommodation will enable them to stabilise and prevent the damaging and costly effects of homelessness.The Project offers assistance, training and support with: tenancy management, independent living skills, self confidence, money management and financial inclusion, setting up home, acquiring furniture and goods, repairing/rebuilding relationships, addiction problems, mental health problems, worklessness.Nigel Fyles, Justlife at Home Manager, says, "Justlife at Home is a bridge into stable tenancies for many people. The continuation funding means that we can continue to support current tenants as well as help 32 more people into private rented sector homes. We are delighted to have the financial support of Manchester City Council as well as Crisis as we continue this project into 2014."