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Justlife at Home is a favourite for landlords

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 07 October 2013
rentJustlife at Home has just housed it's 32nd formerly homeless single person. Nigel Fyles, the project manager has invested a lot of time in developing strong links with good landlords and letting agents and raising awareness about the project.This week we were delighted to receive a letter of reference from a landlord with whom we are working. This is what he had to say:"Martindale Developments is a company established in 1979 which is involved in housebuilding and the letting of self contained apartments to the private sector... More recently we have established a business arrangement with Letwise... and Justlife where our contact is Mr Nigel Fyles.Our experience in dealing with all of these organisations is that not only do we manage to maintain a high level of occupancy but also, and equally important, the level of professional management is second-to-none.A great deal of work involved in assessing individual clients is done by the officers involved [Nigel Fyles]. When dealing with Justlife, we know that Mr Fyles will only bring us clients who conduct themselves as any good tenant should. On the rare occasion that there is a problem ie. rent arrear, we know that Mr Fyles will speak to the tenant and attempt to resolve the issue at an early stage. In short, Justlife provides an invaluable support service. Without this involvement and assurances that clients are assisted with any individual problems, we would find it difficult to continue letting to what are essentially homeless people.Furthermore, the bonds provided by Justlife provide considerable weight to our relationship. The service is crucial to any letting.We are happy to continue providing our support to clients in this particular sector but cannot stress the importance of the existence of Justlife in our decision to do so.Yours sincerely, Mr A Kordas (Landlord)"