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Justlife at Home: 19th person rehoused

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 14 February 2013
This week we are moving the 19th Justlife at Home client into his own property. Recently out of prison Tom* has been housed in low grade B&B accomodation close to the Justlife centre in east Manchester. After visiting Justlife a few times he began to engage with the staff and volunteers and we could offer him the services of Justlife at Home.After working with Tom for only a few weeks Nigel, Justlife project worker, found him a home in North Manchester and was able to sign him up and organise to help him move almost immediately. Courtesy of a donation from Ruia Foundation we are also able to give Tom a "move in" pack which contains linens, towels and a few extra bits to get him started.Nigel will be working with Tom over the next 6 months to help him maintain his tenancy and help him with any issues arising.Justlife at Home is working with 6 new clients, helping them to home-find and get them started in their own tenancy.*Tom: Name changed to protect identity.A bit more about Justlife at Home: In 2011 Manchester City Council supported Justlife’s successful bid to DCLG (Department of Communities and Local Government) via Crisis for 12 months funding for the ‘Justlife at Home’ Project. Justlife at Home has secured a second year of funding from Crisis and Manchester City Council, from April 2013. So far, the PRS (private rented sector) scheme manager has helped 19 single non-statutory homeless people start and sustain new tenancies; overcoming financial barriers to renting, matching them with landlords, and providing support to all parties.Intended clients fall outside priority need legislation, are at risk of homelessness or recently became homeless. Many have an unsettled housing history, moving between B&B, prison and homelessness. Accessing PRS accommodation will enable them to stabilise and prevent the damaging and costly effects of homelessness. The Project offers assistance, training and support with: tenancy management, independent living skills, self-confidence, money management and financial inclusion, setting up home, acquiring furniture and goods, repairing/rebuilding relationships, addiction problems, mental health problems, worklessness.