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IPPR to partner with Justlife

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 17 June 2013
getassetLankellyChase Foundation has awarded Justlife funding for a three-year research project about the impact of temporary accommodation on the health and well-being of vulnerable adults.This opportunity will enable Justlife to channel frontline experience and expertise into a project that has the potential to influence policy and effect change to create better services and interventions for those living in poor quality accommodation and prevent others entering it. It will also provide an opportunity to assess the impact of the work at Justlife.The research will be conducted in both Manchester and Brighton, harnessing the already established work and of Justlife in these areas.Gary Bishop, Justlife Director, said: “Our hope is that by gaining a deeper understanding of these environments we will be able to affect the policies which surround them and build better services to support those who live in them.”Justlife will be working in conjunction with Institute of Public Policy and Research (North) to conduct the research. This partnership provides excellent frontline expertise with an established policy and research background and reputation.The research will involve: In-depth interviews with residents, focus groups with residents and stakeholders, story-telling and diary activities with residents and statistical research, providing a quantitative factual evidence base.Ed Cox, Director of IPPR North, said: “We are delighted to be research partners with Justlife for this important project. It provides an excellent opportunity for us to develop policy ideas based directly on the experience of a frontline and pioneering service provider at a time of significant social upheaval. We need to see more and more of this kind of practice-based policy development to ensure that the third sector isn't simply the back-stop for a failing welfare state but pushes local problems back up the system to change the policies that have caused the problems in the first place."The project is currently in preparation stages and will commence in September 2013.Manchester homeless lunch 3 copy