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Home is where the pen and paper is

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 22 August 2013
photo-14Last week Artist and Poet, Sarah Butler, visited Justlife to run a creative writing workshop.With a theme of HOME running through the session the group discussed their thoughts and feelings towards this subject. With many Justlife clients in unstable housing situations and homelessness the session created much debate.One participant wrote the following words:Every morning I have got my coffee and my cigarette and I am thinking how to get out from thus place. I am listening to the radio, any music that’s on. When I leave my room, I hate it, I see the drug-users outside, I hate their voices. I gave up drugs 15 years ago, I feel like I should understand, but I don’t, I hate it. I go to get a shower and forget about the things around me. I am feeling positive, a fresh start to the day. I am ready, ready to get out of this place I am on my way to Justlife… everyday. Justlife keeps me feeling positive, they will help me get out.