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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 11 December 2013
cakeLast night Justlife celebrated it's 1st birthday in Brighton. 58 partner organisations, supporters, friends, funders, commissioners,staff and volunteers gathered to celebrate together.We were delighted to award Bukky, Val and Elliot with volunteer awards and thank everyone who has contributed time, money, expertise and encouragement to Justlife Brighton so far.Gary Bishop, founder and CEO presented Justlife's achievements over the past year:… Justlife projects have helped 150 people… We have served over 1,000 meals and 1,600 cups of tea and coffee… The team has helped 12 households physically move houseAnd since September 2013 Justlife has expanded services significantly with the PathwayPlus project, which has brought in £150k to the homeless sector within the city, creating 4 full-time and 2 part-time jobs. So far 26 individuals have been supported through this and the number is growing daily. Justlife has also expanded services at the weekly drop-in, adding a nursing element and running well-being sessions in yoga and tai-chi. Most recently the team has set up TARA; Temporary Accommodation Residents Association - gathering those living in temporary accommodation to discuss the issues that they face.Julia Gajlikowska, a Community Alcohol Team Nurse shared about the positive impact that Justlife has had in Brighton and the necessity of the services that Justlife provides. We also heard from Mark Campbell, from Higgidy Pies (event sponsor), who was enthusiastic about the innovative and enterprising vision of Justlife.The evening was also an opportunity to look forward and discuss hopes and dreams for the future and how we can help more people more effectively living in temporary accommodation.