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Gardening with Debdale

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 03 May 2013
This week Manchester has welcomed in the summer with some gloriously sunny days... perfect timing for the start of our gardening workshops. Justlife has teamed up with local gardening charity - Debdale Ecocentre, to work with a group of Justlife service users to develop and grow food on allotments in the Justlife garden.Marva, from Debdale EcoCentre, will be leading the sessions on a weekly basis, teaching gardening and allotment skills and encouraging people to 'grow their own'. The first workshop was well attended. We have been delighted that the people who came have taken initiative to water the plants and asked to weed and help maintain the garden throughout the week as well.Justlife centres its work around 5 ways to mental well-being, one of which is getting in touch with nature, and we are already seeing a few people increase in confidence and engage with us better through spending time in the garden this week.This gardening project is thanks to grants from the North of England Horticulture Society and John Grant Davies Trust.