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Enterprise enjoy a visit to Justlife

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 22 July 2013
JUSTLIFE_FOUNDATION REQ_10072013Last month we were delighted to hear the news that Enterprise Rent a Car had decided to donate £1,000 to the work at Justlife.Amanda Houssein, Business Rental Sales Manager and Iain Hughes, Branch Manager in Beswick, Manchester, visited Justlife last week to present us with the cheque and find out more. Whilst at Justlife they enjoyed a tour of the centre and garden and had the opportunity to meet the staff and volunteer team, as well as a group of service users who were about to embark on adventurous cooking workshop.The funding will help us to provide a basic moving in package for up to 20 homeless people moving in to their own tenancies, enabling them to make the transition easier and give them a fresh start with some necessities such as crockery, cutlery, pans and other basic provisions.Amanda Houssein, Business Rental Sales Manager for Enterprise Rent a Car, said:"At Enterprise Rent a Car we love to be able to support or customers and the communities that surround our branches. Justlife is a resourceful and innovative organisation serving a community of need just up the road from our branch located on Ashton Old Road, Beswick, Manchester.Last week we visted the Justlife centre and were impressed to see the work that Ruth, Matt, Alex and the rest of the team are involved in. They are clearly very dedicated to helping those in need of their services and their Drop in Centre is an example of this, it is very welcoming and bright. They have also put a lot of care and attention into their garden and are growing flowers, fruit and vegetables! Whilst we were there a cookery class had started and they were doing this outside on the BBQ and the 6 people on the course were clearly enjoying themselves but also learning valuable skills, it was just a shame that we didn't have time to join in!We are delighted to be able to donate £1000, on behalf of the Enterprise Foundation, enabling Justlife to help people to move on from homelessness and settle in their own homes."Thank you again to all at Enterprise Rent a Car and we hope that the partnership will continue.