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Dinosaurs to spiders (and everything in-between)

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 25 September 2013
photo-18Last week Justlife took a group of 8 services to the Manchester Museum. Set in an imposing building nestled between the universities, the museum looks fairly intimidating. But on arrival we were welcomed by Rachel, who hosted our trip and gave the group an excellent tour.The group visited all areas of the museum including: Ancient Egypt, Archeology, Earth Sciences, Human Remains, Living Cultures, Plants, Zoology and Animals. As well as learning about many subjects from around the World, everyone was pleased to find out about some local history, including seeing the 'Manchester Moth' specimens and the skeleton of a famed elephant from Gorton Zoo, just a couple of miles from the Justlife centre.In the Egyptology section the group also viewed a statue that hit the news last year for mysteriously 'turning around on its own'. Rachel, the guide, informed us that it has now been glued down.Garry, a service user at Justlife, said: "I have been wanting to go to Manchester Museum for ages. It was a brilliant trip and I will definitely go back."This trip was made possible by Eastlands Homes who awarded Justlife with a Community Grant to fund a series of trips from Justlife, helping local residents to expand their horizons.