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Brighton is Buzzing

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 06 February 2013
19 people, a record number, attended the Justlife Brighton drop in this week. The Tuesday drop in has been running since September and has steadily grown in numbers. Since Christmas there has been at least 12 people every week, but a big increase to 19 this week.Gary, Simon and the volunteer team have been offering a free hot lunch and basic advice. Recently they have been a lifeline to a homeless couple expecting a baby next week, helping them find a home and working to sort out their benefits. The majority of frequenters to the drop in live in Grand Parade, a group of B&Bs opposite the drop in location, with which Justlife has built good relationships with.As Justlife becomes established in Brighton we are building a reputation and last week began to receive referrals from other agencies and organisations. This has enabled us to work with individuals around specific issues and further build our breadth of work.