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A lot of thoughts from Just Thinking

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 27 November 2013
JT WhiteEarlier this month the headlines were filled with news of the temporary accommodation crisis...80,000 children are facing homelessness this christmas, living in temporary accommodation including B&Bs. “Over a third of the 2,090 families in B&B have been living in this accommodation beyond the 6 week legal limit. Government stats show an 8% increase since 2012.” (The Guardian: 4th November 2013)Working alongside residents of temporary accommodation in Brighton and Manchester, the new Just Thinking project has been gathering stories and experiences through interviews, group work and journal writing. So far 14 people have contributed and are continuing to contribute to the research. Compiling and reviewing the data the Just Thinking blog presents issues that many face in temporary accommodation:Money, money, money... Discusses the issues of a 'top up' charge payable by many temporary accommodation residents. But what is this for? Do I get what I am paying for? How much should I be charged?I am not normally like this... Talks about how living in temporary accommodation impacts on who you are. Why do I react in this way? Why am I like this?The Waiting Game... Highlights the lack of control that many have whilst living in temporary accommodation. When will I move on? What priority am I on the council housing register? How long will I be here for?It was really dirty, violent and disgusting... Presents the conditions and environment that many people in temporary accommodation face on a daily basis - which is pretty shocking!For these and other stories follow the Just Thinking blog,facebook page and twitter feed @JustThinking_UK .