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5 years of Justlife... 5 reasons to celebrate!

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 28 October 2013
Justlife is celebrating it's 5th anniversary this year... and on Saturday we brought together supporters, staff, volunteers and directors of Justlife to celebrate. It was exciting to map the journey of Justlife and see the phenomenal growth over this period... from a drop-in meal at a local church in east Manchester, to full time services in Manchester and Brighton, helping residents of temporary accommodation and other vulnerable adults.To kick off our 5 year celebrations, over the next 5 days we will be sharing with you 5 reasons to celebrate.The first...

Justlife's brilliant board of directors.

agm4On Saturday the Justlife Foundation and CIC board met together to discuss Justlife's past year, changes and future developments. The board has and continues to play a key and active role in Justlife. The team brings together finance, medical, housing sector, social enterprise and community work expertise to guide and oversee the work at Justlife. Many of the board members have lived or do live in the deprived communities where Justlife works and all are passionate about social change and enabling Justlife to work alongside people to move forward in life.Dr Alastair Jones, Chair of the Justlife Foundation Board, “Over the past few years it has been phenomenal to see the growth in Justlife due to the innovative ways in which it has been able to determine and then respond to the needs of our beneficiaries. With the diverse skills and experience that are present on the board of Justlife. I have found it an inspiring board to be a part of and to chair.”We are extremely grateful to our passionate board who generously donate their time and expertise to Justlife. You can read more about each person on our people page, but if you don't have time here is a short synopsis of who is involved:Justlife founders and Directors Gary and Hannah Bishop bring a wealth of expertise from the frontline at Justlife as well as strategic oversight to the board.Daniel Jones is a qualified accountant and is Finance Director for Technology and Global Operations at Barclays Bank, his expertise is crucial in providing financial guidance.Alastair Jones, chair of Justlife Foundation, is the CEO of Frontier Youth Trust and has vast experience of charity and community work in Manchester and across the UK.Gretta Starks, company secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Justlife, plays a crucial role in developing the infrastructure of Justlife. Her experience lies in project management, working on major regeneration and construction projects across the North West.Steve Coles works extensively in the field of social enterprise and social impact. He is the Managing Director of Intentionality CIC, a social impact measurement consultancy, and is also the Social Enterprise Development Manager for The Salvation Army across the UK.Hannah Reeves has worked in the housing sector since 2005 and is currently Regional Manager for Great Places Housing Group, Manchester Region. Her housing expertise provides key insight for Justlife to develop services in this area.Dr Laura Neilson set up Hope Citadel Healthcare, a social enterprise providing NHS GP services in Greater Manchester. She is also a medical doctor and alongside Hannah Bishop, registered nurse, provides clinical guidance helping Justlife to think about health oriented care.(Picture, left to right: Steve Coles, Daniel Jones, Laura Neilson, Gary Bishop, Gretta Starks, Alastair Jones, Hannah Reeves, Hannah Bishop)