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5 weeks in… 17 people referred

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 25 November 2013

Justlife has been running the Homeless Hospital Discharge Project (PathwayPlus) for 5 weeks now and 17 people have been referred and discharged from hospital through the project.

Justlife workers Tom and Fran have been working hard to support these people as they settle into unsupported temporary accommodation.“Here are a few words from Fran about the journey so far: ”I am really enjoying working for the new hospital discharge project. It is painfully obvious that there has been a gap in people supporting people leaving hospital in to temporary accommodation and previously people were just left to cope on their own. It has been incredible to see the impact that Justlife and PathwayPlus is having and we have seen a big improvement in many people we have been supporting already, just by simply helping people manage their appointments and understand the system they have found themselves in.It is really rewarding working with people who seem to have been left out by the system and advocating for things to be better for them. This time is also a great learning opportunity to find out the best ways to support people where they are at and make sure people are getting the support they deserve.”