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2756 Hot and Healthy Meals

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 26 February 2013
In our most recent annual report, published last month, we said "over the last 12 months we have served 2756 hot and healthy meals."What is this stat all about and why do we do this?In 2008 Justlife began by building community with service users around meal tables and this remains a central element of the programme at the Manchester Justlife centre. In September Justlife launched Brighton and welcomes residents of B&Bs and temporary accomodation with a free meal alongside providing advice and support. Over 12 months 347 different people have shared a meal with us.On Tuesday's in Brighton, and Mondays and Fridays in Manchester Justlife serves up free and nutritious meals, creating an opportunity for service users to engage with project workers, identify areas of need and communicate relevant information.Justlife is reliant on dedicated teams of volunteers in Brighton and Manchester to make the meals happen, cooking, washing up, serving and sharing in the meals with service users.Paula, Justlife's longest standing volunteer said: "Lots of the people that Justlife works with eat really badly, so it is good that we can serve them up something really nutritious and delicious. It is also a great time for people to find out what we do and be introduced to Justlife in a non-intimidating way, everyone loves free food. I love volunteering here."Donations of food from Fareshare makes the meals affordable and means that we are able to cook high quality meals at low prices.If you would like to read the annual report in full, please click here.