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What's happening in Brighton?

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 22 October 2012
Volunteers and staff have been giving much time and effort over the past month as we have begun the Justlife journey in Brighton. It's very early days but we are really pleased and excited about how the drop-in is developing on a Tuesday lunchtime.The lunch drop-in is run from a church opposite a row of B&B type accoodation and we are building relationships with the tenants, welcoming them to lunch and to get some basic advice. Over the 4 weeks we have been running we have had 12 different guests and last Tuesday we had 8 people join us for lunch. It's obviously not about the numbers but it shows there is a need amongst those living in the temporary B&B accommodation on Grand Parade, Brighton for a sense of community and support.We want to keep everyone updated on a regular basis so we can share stories, successes and challenges. So if you would like to receive Brighton updates then please email Simon.