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This little place has changed my life

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 22 May 2012
Hilton’s story:I have been in an abyss and practically destitute for the last 3 years, life has been torture, but 3 weeks ago I came to Justlife and this little place has changed my life.3 years ago I lost everything, my partner, my family, my home. I ended up just existing, eeking out a living just to survive. I was on the streets for a lot of this time and have lived in car parks, squats at the universities, anywhere I could put my head down. I met some good people on the streets, some people were kind to me, but life was hard.I went to prison and came out in September last year. The probation service tried to find me somewhere to live, but there was nowhere suitable. The place that they showed me round was disgusting. I spent the next few months staying with people that I knew, but these never worked out. The people I stayed with would be drinking and life was chaotic. I was back on the streets again in January.Desperate for somewhere to live I was put in Gransmoor Avenue. I had heard about Gransmoor, as it has such a reputation across the city, and I was dreading it. It was awful.I ended up leaving and I had heard about Justlife so the next morning I sat outside with all my bags. Just waiting and hoping someone might be able to help. I first met Alex, who assured me that they could help. She welcomed me in and introduced me to other people at the centre. That very same day, they helped to get into a local guesthouse, which was slightly better. Nigel came over with me and helped carry my bags.I came back to Justlife to meet with the housing officer, Dave Unsworth, and he got me an interview at Victoria House, supported accommodation. The next day I had an interview and they phoned me the same day to say that there was a place for me. When I first stood in my home at Victoria House, I thought, this is dreamland stuff! Everything changed so quickly since I arrived at Justlife.I just can’t thank Justlife enough. I now have hope for the future, I have more courage and confidence, I have some belief in myself and I am happy. Having a more stable home will enable me to see my children and just takes so many worries off my mind.I have had 3 years of torture but now I am on my way. Justlife has changed my life.