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This is where my life started

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 October 2012
Today George visited Justlife in Manchester…George started coming to Justlife just after the centre opened on 5 April 2011.This is what he says:“Every time I walk past the Justlife centre or go past on the bus, I point and say “This is the where my life started, it started when I found this place.” When I first came through the door I was welcomed, I was homeless and Matt found me a place straightaway in shared accommodation. They then helped me find my own place – which is where I am now living.Most of my friends I have met at Justlife, the volunteers and staff are great. They know lots of things that are going on in the community that I can get involved in so they have really helped me find my feet here.Justlife afforded me the chance to do some job searches and get my employment skills up to scratch with the jobclub. They helped me find a job at Manchester Met university as a domestic assitant, but they didn’t let my ambitions stop there. I did volunteering for over 6 months with Justlife and loved it. I really enjoy helping people. Because I want a job in this area, they helped me access a health and social care course at Manchester College. This has led me to apply for and get on the Health and Social Care Foundation Degree at Bolton University.I came to back to Justlife because I want to volunteer with them as a student. At the moment there are already students working with them, so now is not the time (maybe soon), but Alex has helped me find other volunteering placements. They don’t give up on me.I love coming to the lunches at Justlife, meeting new people, chatting to old friends and eating good food.”