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Brilliant Teamwork at Justlife

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 07 September 2012
Today, Justlife held another brilliantly received BBQ with activities and drop-in services for clients. But this would not have been possible without a whole host of people and partners supporting us...First of all, Jim (the new cook) was able to get hold of loads of bread for the barbeque. The bread was donated by Greggs, but it was a contact at a local supported housing provider - Victoria House, who told us about the bread. Fareshare, who regularly donate food for our drop-in meals provided the sausages... so we were good to go!The funding for us to purchase the barbeque itself was from a Cash Grant from East Manchester Regeneration team; and whilst the sausages were sizzling away service users enjoyed basket ball, table tennis and badminton; all of which was heavily discounted from Decathlon.To ensure our service users are accessing available support, Jo and some colleagues from Manchester Drugs Service joined us at the BBQ and made some good links and had fruitful conversations with several people with substance misuse issues.3 volunteers worked their socks off to keep the day running smoothly alongside Ruth, Matt and the staff.All in all... textbook teamwork on every level.